Balustrading and Pool Fencing

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Citiwest Glass is an Australian manufacturer of “A” Grade Toughened Safety Glass. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have material that has been sourced from an Australian Company (Viridian) that has been producing glass in Australia for decades. When you buy from Citiwest Glass you know that the Glass has not been imported from other countries that may not have the strict Health and Safety and Quality and Compliance regulations that we enjoy in Australia. Moreover as our pool fencing and balustrading is “made to measure” any dimensions, hole locations and cutouts are possible. (Within manufacturing tolerances and Australian Standards).

Our process starts by using only the best materials on the best machinery with the best team!

Citiwest policy is that whoever measures the job installs the job. This helps ensure what is promised at the check measure stage is what is installed and expectation exactly matches delivery. Our expert measurer/installer comes to your site location and advises you of the design options available to minimise cost but still ensure maximum safety and convenience. We work to the philosophy of installing each job as if it is in our own home.

Citiwest Glass uses only either Australian made Viridian 10mm and 12mm Clear glass or (for obscure glass paneling) only acid etch glass for our balustrading and pool fencing.

Exact measurements that take into account any wall, floor or other deviations are programmed into our automated Botero cutting table.

Polish and cutouts
Once the glass has been cut the sharp edges are polished down on a Bavelloni flat line edge polisher and then any cutouts, handle, hinge or other holes or notches are cut from the glass using a Techni waterjet cutter.

Quality Assurance and Toughen
The glass is then carefully cleaned, washed and checked for any blemishes in the glass and/or caused by the manufacturing process. Each panel is checked against the drawings and given a final sign off before being toughened into “A” Grade Safety glass in the Glass Tempering Furnace in compliance with AS/NZ 2208.

The same person who measured your job 10 working days earlier is there to install it. Final payment is not expected until you have reviewed and are happy with the finished product.